Le Retreat-Part 5

Tuesday, July 30, 2013
 Five years ago I began a tradition of heading North to Gainesville, TX for a few days away to retreat.  There are a group of 8-10 of us (depending on the year) who meet up to quilt/scrapbook/mostly laugh and tell stories.  I've written about the house we stay at here.  We headed down again last week...this go 'round we added a day.  I brought more stuff than ever before, and somehow finished it all.  That's a first for me.  I've had random projects sitting in my sewing closet for years that I bought just because I liked the fabric.  I didn't try anything 'difficult' like the 'real' quilters who come along.  I want to learn, but I don't feel the need to be an expert.  If you ever want to take up quilting-an easy place to start would be with a pattern like Turning Twenty (they sell the pattern and instructions at quilt stores).  I used it to put together a bunch of 20's themed fabric I just like.  I'll now take this to a quilter to quilt (which, as I've said before-really just makes me a 'piece-er')
My friend Sonia is a 'real' quilter and she put together about 17 quilts in this time period.  She lines those points up like no tomorrow and usually works with pieces dolls would even say were small...
Sonia taught Mary and I about quilting, and Mary has taken it much further.  She's a lifelong sewer....and quite handy with the seam ripper.  I saw more ripping than sewing.  Mary was my mentor teacher at work-she's pretty much one of the most incredible people I've ever met....12 years later.
Debbie has been willing to come and hang out, but she hasn't tried out the quilting yet...we are working on it, but then....it would be hard to lose all that help! 
I put together two quilts, and then started on some smaller projects....some I'll post instructions for later.  But here are a few....I made a blanket for my godson to go along with what I'm getting him for his Birthday....in January.  His Mom's obsessed with argyle.
I usually monogram blankets, but I decided that might be scratchy on a baby blanket, so I cut out a C this time and just stitched it on one corner. 
Along with the quilters, half of the group brings their scrapbooking supplies (the house has internet)-some online scrapbooking/some paper/glue goes on...
I heart this week each year.  I know there is something about a time away with good girls and no demands other than what your creativity insist you do. 


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