Football Crafts

Monday, August 26, 2013
 I'm bringing football crafts to Good Morning Texas today.  I have a collection going here on pinterest with recipes and ideas from the past.  First up are the foam fingers above.  Great straw toppers, or cupcake toppers, and just plain fun.  Here is the full tutorial, including a free template you can download to cut out the shape of the finger.
Easy oatmeal pie desserts.  I blogged about those here.  
 Very simple koozie, great for a party gift, or a fun vessel for gifts for football fans.Here are those instructions.
Last up, chili and cornbread in a jar.  Again, very easy.  The tutorial is found here.   Make the chili the day before (or even freeze weeks ahead of time, plop the cornbread mix on top the day you plan to serve these, bake as directed on your cornbread mix (I put my jars on a tray) and then serve.  The nice thing about these is you don't need 874 little bowls of stuff for people to build their bowls.  I'll post the link to today's show on my facebook account after it's online.  I'm a giver.  

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