Football Koozies

Wednesday, August 14, 2013
 I saw the idea for making little football koozies at one good thing awhile ago.  I ran across some koozies on sale for 30 cents at JoAnne's this week (they usually cost a buck there or at the super stores).  I decided it was time to give this project a go!  No doubt, the price is right.  For waaaaay less than a buck you can make these little guys to store your drinks during a football party/tailgating, or how cute would they be filled with some treats, with a second use later for the recipient to use for their drinks once they get home?
All this required was some brown spray paint, white foam, and koozies (along with scissors, but hopefully those are hanging somewhere around the house).
 You could leave the koozies the colors they are if they are team appropriate.  I decided to leave the tops of the koozies and insides the team colors and just spray the outside.  It only took one coat of spray paint for me.
 I cut out the foam shapes for the laces, super simple.  In fact, they sell this foam with a sticky back.  If that's not available,just use the other stuff and some super glue (it cost less than a buck for a sheet and one sheet could make more than twenty of these).  I was able to just peel the back and stick it in place.
Super simple, and fun...

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