Summer Sea Shell Crafts

Thursday, August 15, 2013
I'm headed to Good Morning Texas today to share Sea Shell crafts.  Conveniently, the beach just happens to be a place I love.  Any beach.  Any time.  Unfortunately, I wasn't able to run to the beach to collect more material for my crafts, just so happens I have a little collection to work with to make these crafts.  The first craft is so easy-take sea shells and add a little bling (and elegance?)-silver/gold, pink...whatever your preference.  Here is the tutorial for this craft.  Including the two step process to making jewelry.  How fun to wear your vacation.  
 Another idea-if you are a minimalist and don't necessarily want round little shells hanging around, why not use the shell to imprint a napkin or stationary?  Here is the tutorial for using any paint and turning it into something that's washable and usable on any summer table setting.
 Last up, these little pottery jars.  I have a tutorial for turning any ceramic pot into this white washed/age look, then add shells and you can bring the shoreline to your garden.  Here are the steps for that tutorial.
Last up....fill an ornament, add a location tag, and add it to your Christmas collection of memories.
I'll be adding the link to today's segment to my facebook page....where most of the segments I've been a part of the last two years (yikes-two years, and more than 50 segments!) live.  Someday I'm going to blog all about the whole GMT experience!  I just need to bring my camera to capture some of the scenes behind the set...maybe I will today!

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