Mini Foam Fingers

Friday, August 16, 2013
I saw this idea for making mini foam fingers at DIY.  The tutorial included purchasing the mini foam fingers, and adding glitter.  I've added one step to save money-  Here is a free template for the foam finger shape.  They are easy to make on your own, and a lot cheaper.  All you need are foam sheets and permanent glue.
 Foam sheets cost less than a buck and you can get about ten fingers out of one sheet.  Get a color to match your glitter, or get white because the only part of the foam you will see is the sides.  Other than those, you just need mod podge and glitter.
 Cut two fingers out of your foam (sometimes you can get different sizes, I get the thinnest).  Run your glue around the edges, leave the bottom open, that's where your finger will go.
 Press the second finger onto the first and let it dry.
 Now take your finger, or a brush and cover one side with mod podge.
 Sprinkle with glitter.  Tap excess glitter off.  Repeat on side two.
 Once you have both sides covered, cover the whole thing with mod podge one more time.  It will look white when you cover it, but it dries clear.  This will prevent the glitter from falling off all over your house.
 You can put these on cupcakes, or I slipped mine over straws and attached them to sodas for guest.  A fun little addition to a football watching party.  :O)  Many more football themed crafts and foods coming over the next few weeks!
One more thing, yes, they do sell foam with glitter on it.  The colors are limited, so...buying your own glitter may bring you closer to your purple hues or burnt oranges,'s a thought.  It's about a dollar a sheet, and you can make four fingers out of the glitter foam sheets.  

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