School Days: Chalkboard Letter Board

Monday, August 19, 2013
 This summer, I decided my teammate and I needed something 'new' for our doors.  I saw this idea to spray large letters with chalkboard paint and chose this as the winner.  Chalkboard spray?  I'm in.  I saw the original tutorial at Blossom's website and it couldn't be easier, or cuter.  Have the students write their names on your letter on the first day, or leave messages etc to greet your students.  I grabbed these large letters at Michael's, but I've seen them in all the unfinished wood sections of Hobby Lobby and JoAnn's as well.
 I sprayed it with Krylon-my chalkboard drug of choice.  I added some ribbon for hanging with a glue gun...
 I scrapped the letter with the side of chalk to 'prepare' the board (so you can erase, write etc without the last message being permanently present).  The only little hiccup is...hanging this in my room means I'm back in my classroom, which means I'm back at work.  Cue the violins.  I like my job.  Really.  I just like summer a little more.

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