Personal Photo Koozies

Wednesday, August 07, 2013
 I was trying to think of some fun gift ideas, and I stumbled across this idea at BritCo.  It's a super cheap way to personalize some koozies!  The possibilities are endless-these would be fun father's day gifts, or great for a football or sports party (maybe shots of the players 'borrowed' from the net?)...or...I was thinking, how fun would these be at a family reunion?  Scan old photos, and have these out for guest to use with drinks, and help them start conversations.
I bought some sheets of foam at the craft store (you can make four of these out of one sheet, and they cost about a dollar), some spray adhesive, sticky back velcro (b/c I didn't feel like sewing) and fabric transfer sheets (they sell these 10 to a pack).
 I found two photos I wanted and pulled them as wide as I could get them.  If you want your picture to go around the whole thing, you can only do one per page, but really, it just leaves about an inch of fabric at the back with the velcro is overlapping, I'd rather go the frugal route!  Take some scrap fabric (old tshirts wold work), and an iron.  Once you print these on the transfer paper (if you have print on your pictures, don't forget to rotate your photo horizontally b/c you press it down and it transfers as the mirror image.
 I cut my foam, fabric, and transfer sheet (once I printed both pictures) to a ten by 4 1/2 inches.
 I ironed the photo as the transfer instructed (photo facing down towards the fabric), use a lot of heat and press for a long time so that it all transfers (it will be a little washed out if you don't apply enough heat).
Peel off the wax back and then take your foam piece and spray adhesive spray all over it, and then lay the fabric over the sticky foam.
 I trimmed the edges.
 Then I applied a piece of velcro to each side.
 Ta da.  They sell the foam in all colors...white would be good too if you want your photo to stay true to it's original colors, but I needed a little neon green in my life.

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