School Days: Candy Filled Apple

Friday, August 23, 2013
 I saw this idea for cutting the bottoms off of 2, or in this case-16 oz bottles around the net for awhile.  It's such an affordable way to make an apple share for fall parties, or teacher gifts.  I've been a fan of apples for awhile now, and even have a board dedicated to the treat and theme on my pinterest here.
I simply cut the bottom off one of the 456 bottles of Diet Coke I had heading out for recycling...
 I bought some red spray paint for about a dollar at the super center, and gave the inside of the base a quick squirt.
I filled a bag with red candy, stuffed it inside in a baggie and added a leaf and bow.  For less than a buck-an edible treat in a seasonal theme.  I've also seen these around where two bases of bottles are bother together to look like the full apple, but I'm digging this.

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