School Days: Scrappy Clothes Pins

Thursday, August 22, 2013
 I love customizing clothes pins and using these to close up gift bags, or hang things in the house.  These are so easy to make, incredibly cheap, and cute!  I bought 36 clothes pins for a dollar.  I used left over paint and scraps of paper from old projects I keep in a bag for projects just like this....
 I picked out 6 paper colors that went well together, and one more to make a tag for delivering this little guys.
 I sprayed the sides and innards of the pins.  This isn't necessary, but...I've been trying to get rid of this neverending can of spray paint for awhile now (also a buck...and it's sort of like Mary Poppins carpet never quits).
 It's no necessary to spray the tops since I'm covering these up....but there is also no reason to avoid it.  I took a glue stick and ran it along the strips of paper I had cut out to fit the tops of the clips.
 I put some paper on the insides of the top too since these show.
Round up and these cost about 3 cents a piece to make.  Even I can afford this on my teacher salary.  ;o)  In other news...I knew being a hoarder of small scraps of paper would pay off someday!

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