Cat Gift Pack

Wednesday, September 11, 2013
My goal for gifts for little beings under 3 feet is to find a book...or in this case 5 books to create a little gift theme.  Blythe turned 4 a few months ago and she has a cat she loves and so I decided to go with that theme....and in the process I got to send some of my favorite cat books!  I made some little felt finger puppets and found a rhyming book which included this poem.  
Here is a free template for the cat finger puppets.  I just cut it out of felt....
Sewed on a face (thought you could also use glue and a permanent marker for the details).  
 I also found some fact books on cats, a board book, Pete the Cat (soooo cute, there is a song that the writer's wrote to go along with it) and Skippy Jon Jones.  Of course, I threw in stickers and fun crayons with the cat concept in mind (I know home girl can create quite a mess with that combo)...along with a cheetah themed outfit.

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