Balloon Festival

Tuesday, September 10, 2013
 One of my favorite things about living in Plano are the number of hotair balloons that float around the city at any given time, during any given month.  Whatever makes these conditions right for balloons also draws a crowd each September to the area.  Every year Plano host a balloon festival.  I was clearing off some of my files from my computer and I found these from last year's festival.  It's usually held the third weekend in September, weather permitting the balloons launch at least twice a day in mass, and then throughout the day per people paying for rides.  The best part is, if the wind is right, and it often is, they flight right over my house-which is awesome, unless you are my dog-then it's very scary. 
 On Friday evening they usually start off with sky divers....
 All the balloons go out into the field and they start inflating them, it's really cool to see tons of balloons of all shapes and sizes launch. 
 They launch, float off, and later-after a concert, and a picnic on the grounds, they come back and they do a balloon glow.  The last few years they have added allowing the guest to walk around the fields to the list of activities. 
Fall is definitely one of my top four seasons in Texas for reasons just like this festival.  ;o)


Unknown said...

I live about 40 mins away from Plano but we used to live out there and I used to love all the hot air balloons that would float over our apartment! I am hoping to go the balloon festival one of these years!!!

Christy said...

You should go this year! It's the weekend if the 21st :)