Our State Fair is a Great State Fair

Monday, September 30, 2013
 The Texas State Fair is the largest one in the nation, but what might be disputed by some....that have never attended, but not by anyone who has been-it's the best state fair.  It's one of my favorite things about fall and I miss it most of the year.  I've been going since my memories begun, and my mom went as a little girl, and my grandmother, and my great grandmother....and....I think I've established the point.  My family used to do the whole arts and crafts entry thing, and it's in the blood for sure.  These pictures are from previous years, but really, the Fletcher's Corn Dog, and Big Tex pretty much look the same each season that they greet me....and I eat them....or rather one out of two I devour. OK...but there was a little fire filled mishap last year with Big Tex, that threw us all for a loop, so this is the last photo of this 50 year old guy.  They've replaced him, but it's not quite the same.  I digress.  I love walking through the midway...
 ...and exploring the food of the year.  'Fried' food is the theme.  This is the birth place of the corn dog.  You are welcome, world.  Each year they come up with something new and creative.  Last year was fried jambalaya.  We've housed fried beer, fried butter, fried Frito pie, fried bubble come....
This year they fried a Thanksgiving dinner, among other things.   It's every cardiologist's nightmare.  It's a good thing it only spans 3 weeks of the year. 
I also heart the animals. 
...and the shows.  And did I mention the corn dogs?  My very favorite spot is the arts and craft building.  I love exploring the pictures, quilts, paintings, and watching the bake offs.  Someday, I plan to enter, because I feel like I should to represent the family, but for now, I just plan to enjoy. 

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