Gifts that Give Back-Reclaimed Frames

Sunday, September 29, 2013
 I am always hunting down gift ideas with meaning.  I love giving gifts, but I hate the feeling of getting a gift just because I need to 'get' a gift to check it off the list.  I want it to have meaning!    I heard about these frames via one of my favorite charity organizations,  His Bridge Builders.  You can read their story here.  I can attest to what an awesome group this is and what a beautiful light they are in the inner cities.  In a nutshell, they are popping up in a lot of the major cities, in the poorest parts of town....among many other things.  The goal is to build bridges between corporations and people living in poverty.  They mentor people who want a future that looks different than their current circumstances.  They find people who can train, and more folks who can help guide each person through the training program and then the new job they acquire after their 6 week class.  Some really great companies agree to hire on new employees that are going through the training process.  The personal mentors work with these new professionals to help them as they encounter job ups and downs.  There are many branches of bridge builders that are doing amazing things, and so many incredible people who were once in the program and now help run the program.  The old adage comes to mind-if you give a man a fish, he will eat for a day.  If you teach a man to fish, he will be able to provide for himself the rest of his life.  I could go on and on and on about this great organization...and if you've spent 2 minutes in my company...I probably have.  So...when I found out about this latest venture, I was all in!  One branch has started making these gorgeous frames using the houses that are being torn down/revamped in these inner cities. Shabby Chic...not even faked! You can buy them at Jackson Home and Garden (a really cool store near Love Field that is a fun find in itself)...
90% of each frames profit (the ones I bought were each 15 dollars) goes directly back to Bridgebuilders to help support the people making these frames, and making a new way of life for themselves and their family.
 Each one has a tag attached, and a picture place holder inside with a scene from some of the great accomplishments these bridge-crosser have accomplished.
I'm pretty sure every one of my friends are going to find these in their mailbox or in their hands over the next year....right after I'm done buying them for me.  Who doesn't love shabby chic?  A part of your cities history?  AND knowing it is a gift that changes lives?


Three Birds Inspired said...

These are so cool and such a wonderful idea! It makes you wonder if there are not many more good ideas that could be implemented allowing men and women to restore their lives and earn a reasonable income doing so. We find "junk" every day in stores across the country that is made in China. It may be the style we like or fits in our decor so we buy it. How much better to buy things made in our country by people that are working to improve the lives of themselves and their families!

krochetkids said...

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