Ghost Cookies

Friday, September 27, 2013
I saw the idea for making these mini ghost cookies and packaging them in frosted containers last year.  I fell in love with the idea and had to try it out.  In Bee's original tutorial they made their own parchment envelopes, but I was able to find some envelopes at Hobby Lobby to save myself a step.  I found a set of mini Wilton cookie cutters with a ghost shape.  
 I used my favorite sugar cookie recipe with tips on hardening your icing so it can be packaged.
I printed the haunted house on a piece of paper, and then I taped my envelope on all four corners over the picture and ran it through a second time.  The tape peeled right off, and I was in control of where it printed on the envelope.  
 Then I inserted the mini ghost so they could fly around the haunted mansion.

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