Temporary Tattoo Cups

Wednesday, September 18, 2013
 Every pirate needs a cup for his....juice?  A friend told me about this idea.  I tried to hunt down the original idea (she said she saw it online), but the only link I found led to nowhere....so...it wasn't my idea, but it's a fun one.  Temporary tattoos come in all shapes and sizes today (I saw a student at my school even sporting a glittered princess castle today via a temporary tattoo kit-I'm pretty sure I need that one).  In honor of Talk Like a Pirate Day-I found this pack of a bazillion temporary tattoos at Target in the party section.  You do exactly what you do with skin to get them to apply to clear cups.  Pull off the top, press it face down.  Apply a sponge or towel over the top until it's wet, pull the back off.  It sticks.  And it's a clear sort of translucent fun.

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