Pirate Playdough and Pirate Cupcakes

Wednesday, September 18, 2013
Tomorrow is officially Talk Like a Pirate Day.  Here are a few easy crafts to celebrate.  Everyone is celebrating, right?  Anyway-first off-Pirate Playdough.  Super simple.  Find a recipe online, or you can use this one.  I found the ideas for this version of pirate playdough at H is for Homeschooling.   added some coconut scent so it smell tropical.  I also added some black food dye and gold glitter.  
I also made these cupcakes.  Or rather, I let the store make the cupcakes, and I decorated them.   I crushed some graham crackers and added it to look like sand.  Then I printed off some pirate flags and glued them to a toothpick, then put some 'jewels' I found in the party section at Target, and I bought some white gum I drew an x on with a red food pen.

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