Brains in a Jar Cupcakes

Wednesday, October 30, 2013
 I saw the idea for making brains in a jar cupcakes last year at confessions and I knew I had to try it out this a jar?  Everything, even brains, are cuter in a long as it's iced.
I dyed some vanilla cake mix a brain shade of pink....
 I squished those into the bottom and then added a layer of blood, otherwise known as seedless raspberry jam....
 You can put a little piece of cupcake in the center on top if you want less icing...but clearly, you need therapy or tastebud transplant if less icing sounds like a good thing.  I snipped off the corner of a ziplock and add some buttercream icing I dyed pink and drizzled so it looks like a squiggly brain.
I added a tag and a label on the lid.  Here is a free printable for that if you are interested in making your own edible brains in a jar.  

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Three Birds Inspired said...

Gross but in a GOOD way! I know at least two little boys that would totally love this dessert!