Good Morning, Texas: Last Minute Halloween Treats and Tricks

Thursday, October 31, 2013
If I don't float away....I'm taking some last minute Halloween party ideas to Good Morning, Texas today.  I'll post a link to the show/segment later on my facebook account.  I'll post directions to the flower arrangement later, but in the meantime, the steps should be on the link.  :O)  I'm making brain cupcakes, which I posted steps to yesterday...
I posted these cookies on Tuesday.  Vampire Cookies...
I'm also making flower arrangements in pumpkins.  I'm a fake florist-I used to help a friend out with wedding flowers, and then I made up all my own rules.  Here is a little example from awhile back...these are fun for those left over pumpkins for Thanksgiving.  I have posted a bunch of my Halloween crafts from years past here on pinterest.

I have some upcoming Thanksgiving and Christmas segments I'm pretty excited about.  I.  Heart.  Fall.

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