Left Over Pumpkin=Thanksgiving Arrangment

Thursday, October 31, 2013
I love buying the mini pumpkins at the store and setting them around....but it seems like they should get some sort of special treatment after they have to watch their older brothers and sisters get carved and lit and celebrated.  I learned this little trick from a friend of mine that went into the floral business.  I adapted it a bit (not oasis water foam, and a 'trick' for keeping all those flowers in place).  Here's a fun idea for Thanksgiving arrangements....carve them up just like a pumpkin, remove the seeds. 
 Instead of foam, I just slip a small cup inside (Dixie cup, I cut down paper cups etc....).  Fill it with water. 
 I buy cheap bouquets at the grocery store, snip off those ends and gather them together in a tight little bundle.  To hold them in place, I wrap a rubber band around the stems.  Just make sure that you don't make it so tight you cut off the water flow up the stems...
Pop your bouquet down into your cup....and you are ready to roll.  Or at least...eat rolls and turkey with a prettier view. 

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