Chinese Lantern Festival

Sunday, October 20, 2013
 This weekend I went to the State Fair for the second time this year.  Along with, I believe, every other person in North Texas....and perhaps at least the lower half of Oklahoma.  The last few years they have had the Chinese Lantern Festival, but I've never made it to see what this was all about.  It's extra money, and I usually end up with a lack of time to even get to do the 'free' stuff, but it was well worth it....
A lot of the exhibit was along or on the water, so it had the added benefit of the reflection making it that much more beautiful.
 This display was made completely out of dishes....
 I'm thinking of trying a little something like this in my house....I'll let you know how that goes!
 They had a show we were able to see with some acrobats....
 These creatures were made out of little bottles with colored water.
 When I thought we were through, we realized there was entire section behind the water.  It was much bigger and definitely worth the money...and I have to ask....why didn't anyone tell me about this before now?  So....I'm telling 'you' if you live in the area-it's worth the may have to wait until next fair season if you live anywhere around me!  

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