Pumpkins to Pilgrims Literacy Unit for PreK-2nd

Friday, October 18, 2013
The thing I love doing most at work is writing or planning curriculum.  In particular, I love themes and wrapping anything around a theme.  Last year the younger grades were wanting to do more Thanksgiving related activities, but everything has to be directly linked to a TEKS.  I took ideas, none of them new, and created a Thanksgiving unit for the Kinder-2nd grade teachers.  You can download it for free here. Friend to friend, if you can use it, please do.  There are 22 pages of activities.  I'm including some screens shots of what's in the unit.  I just spent a lot of time playing with borders and fonts and decided I needed to get a few more miles out of this, so I'm passing it along to any parent/teacher than might want to try it out.  There are different alphabet activities, making words, writing, sight word, phrases, reading ideas, etc.  We do something in our district called nonsense words where students build words with a consonant/vowel/consonant so students learn how to read sounds and put them together as words.  (Just though I better explain that one for anyone who doesn't work with getting little ones to read.).  And now...working on some upper grade centers.  

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