DIY Lace Princess Crown

Thursday, October 03, 2013
 I've been seeing little lace crowns around the net for awhile, and I finally had a reason to make my own (no....not for my personal use...more to come on that later), but I think these are such cute, AND easy projects for parties/Halloween.  I've seen a lot of tutorials with different styled lace, some sprayed gold or silver. I found this roll of pink lace at Hobby Lobby.  It was half off, so...2 bucks...and I can make enough crowns for all my friends.  All you need is lace and mod podge (a glue paste that's basically 2 parts glue and 1 part water mixed).
 I glued my lace together to the side I wanted it, then covered it with mod podge and I let it dry over a jar to hold the shape. It just took a few hours for the glue to dry clear.  
 I sewed it onto a head band at a crooked angle for fun.
 Ready for royalty.

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