Amazon Cross

Friday, October 04, 2013
 I made these crosses for a few of my friends this year after my trip to the Amazon.  Each year we visit, part of our time, and funds go towards building churches for the missionaries establishing churches in the villages we visit.  This is one of the churches we visited this year.  Some of the teams actually take part in building these churches, it depends on the timing and purpose of your visit....
 ...each church is built with these bricks and lots of cement they mix on site.
 When we visit the new churches, there are always broken bricks around the foundation from some of the bricks that didn't make it.  This year I collected some of the broken pieces on the ground.
 I brought them back home with me, then bought some wooden cross bases from the craft store, colorful beads, and spackling.
 I used some spackling to attach these to the crosses.
 I let them dry, then smoothed more spackling between the cracks.  I took a paper towel and cleaned off the tiles, then pressed little colorful beads into the wet spackling to give it some color.  I painted the sides a light brown.
 ...and now....a little memento from the Amazon and a piece of the work we got to take part in while we were there.

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