Good Morning Texas: Antique Glass Projects

Thursday, October 10, 2013
I love antiques, but I don't love the prices of some of them.  So, my house is a mix of real and self made 'antiques'.  I'm taking some of these ideas to Good Morning Texas today.  First, one of my favorite things in a long time-a 'mercury glass' lamp I blogged about on Tuesday. Stay tuned b/c if it's not nailed down, I've used looking glass spray on more to come on that too.  And DIY colored glass.  I blogged about this yesterday.  
I also am antiquing ornaments, which I'll blog about later....I'm redoing my Christmas decors this year, but if you want to see that step by step in advance, I'll post the video from GMT today on my facebook page.  I also try to post a lot of my projects in categories on pinterest.  I'm working on developing boards for all my old projects.   I've got all sorts of technology working today.  

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