Cookies: Gingerbread Sandwiches

Monday, November 25, 2013
 I do heart a good gingerbread project.  I've paid ode to the little guy over...and over again.  I have so many projects, I had to create my own label, so when I saw these cookies last year on katrina's blog I had to try them out.  For the gingerbread, I actually found a tube thanks to my pal Heather in the grocery store.  It really was delicious, but I also have a recipe that is really good for when I'm not feeling so lazy.  Here it is, they are a soft version.  Once you bake them up, just 'ice' one side with marshmallow fluff, and the other with melted chocolate (I just nuked some milk chocolate chips in the microwave for a minute and stirred until it was melted). 
 I pressed the two sides together. 
 Instead of the traditional royal icing (lazy hit again) I melted white chocolate in a ziplock baggie, snipped the edge and used a heart sprinkle I had in my vast sprinkle collection.  I know, I know...normal people don't have collections of sprinkles, but on lazy cookie baking days....I'm glad for this little 'problem' of mine!

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