Santa Hat Appetizer Picks

Tuesday, November 12, 2013
 I am going a little nuts this year in honor of the holidays.  So nuts, that I'm posting stuff now for next year b/c I've pretty much already filled up my blog with daily post....ooops.  Here is a quick little project I put together.  I saw these for sale via a bulk catalog for way too much much and I knew I wanted those, but the price was ridiculous, as is the simplicity it making your own.  I bought some sparkle-ey felt-77 cents full price, but it's on sale for half off just about every other week.  White felt (20 cents full price) and these little pom poms-100 for 99 cents...again, on sale often, but even at full price, it would be less than 2.00 to make about 50 of these...which is half as much as a dozen cost to buy....
I cut triangles out of the red felt and a thin band out of the white.  You can use hot glue or fabric glue to attach the accessories.  I also cut a little square to cover the toothpick on the back, though you could also make these double sided.  
 Here is the back...
 ...and here are my cheese/party picks.

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