License Plate Album

Tuesday, December 24, 2013
I cheated. I bought this, BUT to be fair....I have all the parts to make I had to share because the idea is....I will be making a few of these.  I love to travel, but there is only so much space in the house for albums.  I've started making smaller albums that I can store in cute little trays and boxes around the house, and this little guy will be getting a home soon....just as soon as I bedazzle some of those pages....and when I'm done with that....I'll be using some of the license plates I've been saving over the years (I've also seen antique stores selling license plates for a few bucks each I might start picking up).  But....cut some cardboard down to  size, use some metal scissors (I always borrow them from one of my friends whose husband has a collection...I don't know....but before I buy 'stuff' like this I ask around to my friends with husbands with garages filled with stuff I just want to borrow once).  File down the rough edge, then use one of the binder clips to snap those out, or take it to one of the Office Supply stores that do 'stuff' like this....they sell the combs and holes.

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