Monday, December 23, 2013

I have 20 or so gingerbread related crafts through the years.  I've linked most of them on my gingerbread pinterest board here.  This year I'm hosting a gingerbread themed brunch for my niece and nephew who are visiting.  I'm sharing some of the gifts, that are easy to put together last minute, and a few of the activities we will be doing after brunch.  I'm also linking a few of the recipes I'll be putting together to share with the attendees.  I prerecorded this segment on GMT which airs today at 9 am.  :O)
I'll be making these little cinnamon scented soaps in the shape of gingerbread men.  That process is here.

I made these little felt gingerbread cookies a few years ago.  It remains one of my favorite is that process.
A few of the activities the kiddos are doing at my gingerbread party include gingerbread scented playdough. That recipe is here.

...and these little houses...
I'm serving gingerbread pancakes.  I blogged about that recipe here.

...and we are decorating gingerbread men.  My very favorite recipe is here.

 I love it because they are soft and they hold their shape.

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