Santa's Magic Key

Sunday, December 08, 2013
 I made these little magic keys this years for the kiddos in my life without a chimney.  I've seen these around, and when I saw these little skeleton key at the hardware store I thought-hey....I've got a plan for that.
You could use old keys to retired locks in your house, or buy these vintage-ish looking keys for just about a buck.  I went with gold, though I could have sprayed it silver or rust.
I painted it with mod podge, then glittered.  Once it dried I painted another layer of mod podge.  It dries clear, but it helps the glitter adhere to the key and not flake off.  I made this free printable I adapted from other poems I read.  You can print that here.

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Unknown said...

I was unable to download the printable for Santa's Magic Key. Could you please email it to me at Thank you!