Travel Trays

Friday, December 06, 2013
 It's travel time!  I made some travel kits for my niece, Blythe, a few years ago for when she flies out to see family.  I blogged about that here.  She came to visit soon after and her Elmo doll....and the entire section of Virgin Airline seating fell victim to the stickers I included in that pack.  Success.  She's coming again this year with her little brother, Jonathan.  He's two.  I wanted to make something to send them home keep them busy while they traveled.  I saw the idea for travel trays using dollar store trays and magnets (LOVE that...things don't go flying all over the car/plane as easily) via paperwings.  I got to work making some trays that would be Blythe and Jonathan approved.
For Jonathon I sprayed a dollar store tray with green paint.  I used a foam brush and thin brush to paint a road.  I sprayed the whole thing with a clear sealant so it wouldn't scratch.
 I found these sticky back magnets and some cars at the dollar tree.  I put them on the bottom of the car so they wouldn't go fly into Mom and Dad....or the flight attendants head.
 I also googled road signs, printed, laminated, and added magnets to these as well to add to the road.
 For Blythe, I made a checkerboard.  She's getting old enough to play games that are a little more complex.
 I cut out little circles using a punch and mod podged them to magnets to be my pieces.
 I punched out the board.  8x8 is the goal.  Again, I glued and then mod podged the whole thing to the travel tray.
 I found these little containers to store the pieces in....
 I also found this FREE printable nativity via design dazzle.
 I used the magnetic tape so that she can play with this on her cookie sheet.  There are tons of free paper doll printables etc if you google it.  :O)
 I also sprayed the bag with chalkboard spray and found some chalk that is supposed to produce less dust.
 I printed some free coloring pages for each of them-princess pages for Blythe.
 Dinosaurs for Jonathan.  I added these little magnetic clips to hold the books in place.
 I intermixed the coloring sheets with blank paper.
 I put all the supplies...included stickers in little pouches...
 ...and added magnets to the back of those.
I could go on...and on...and on with this concept...but I'll stop here.  For now.

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