Dino Jars

Wednesday, January 29, 2014
 Here's my next thirty craft using the stuff I recently snagged at the Dollar General.  I've seen versions of these jars around...in particular one for Easter using small bunnies (still looking for those little bunnies).  You could certainly use old mayo jars etc at instead of these jars, but I found these in the Christmas section on sale for 25 cents, so I decided to splurge. I also found a pack of dinosaurs for a buck.  I use little dinosaurs for a lot of random crafts, and I have been buying some for 'half off' at the craft store-the original price is 10 dollars!  The only difference I see, having used both, is the packaging!  I've got a few more ideas for these dinos, but in the meantime...a jar.
I'll be making these in multiple colors.  These would be cute for party favors, storage in rooms, gifts, whatever.  I glued down the dino with E6000 (any strong glue would work).  When it tried, I used a primer (b/c it's plastic) then some green spray.

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