Mailbox Valentine

Thursday, January 30, 2014
 ...if I had a dollar for everytime I text my friends to tell them I've sent "something strange" through the mail....let me know if and when it's sort of my goal in life to torture the postal service finance, yes finance the postal service's salary...with the price of stamps ever increasing, I feel it's my civic duty to keep them in business.  Last year I mailed these little mail boxes to my Valentine's.  I found these at the dollar spot at Target, but I've seen them at craft stores etc out and about.
I filled it with all sorts of junk treasures.
 I popped the lid on....
..taped it closed, attached the address and the postage (2.15 to fly from TX to CA) and shipped it out.  Who needs those boring ol' cardboard boxes to mail stuff, it's way more fun to arrive in containers like this...not only am I civic minded, I'm, clearly, earth friendly.  Think of all the trees that would live to emit gases so we can breath another day if everyone would get on board with 'strange mailing vessels.'  
I think I'm quickly becoming this generations 'crazy Aunt Christy'...forget Afghans and a houseful of cats-I send crazy in the mail.  

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Marty said...

You are a genius! I always see this little mailboxes and think they're a waste as nothing can possibly fit in there but this is just a great idea!