Olympics: Chalkboard Nesting Dolls

Thursday, January 23, 2014
 I love nesting dolls.  I have a little collection-not too many...but only because my house is small and not because I don't one in every color, size, and shape.  I saw the idea for chalkboard spraying nesting dolls at cakies, and I thought, perfect-merging two of my greatest passions?  I think I will.  I found these unfinished wood dolls at Hobby Lobby.  At the time, they were with the other things (numbers, letters, small pieces of wood), but since then I've seen them in some of the paint your own section in a box for kiddos.
I sprayed them with chalkboard paint...
...and then pulled out my colored chalk to get down to coloring.  The great news-erase and repeat!  This Olympic season, perhaps my artistic rendering of an athlete or two set to star in Russia this Olympic season.

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