Olympics: Torch Trail Mix

Tuesday, January 21, 2014
 A little Olympic Trail Mix.  I think I will.  I've seen torches via ice cream cones, and what is cuter than a big Olympic edible torch?  A mini torch!!
Bugles-a buck a bag, which chocolate, and dye (if you want, just in case your sprinkles show through) and red and gold (or silver) sprinkles.
 I heated my chocolate in the microwave as the package instructed.  I do it in small batches.  I added a little yellow dye for the bottom, I picked it up out of the chocolate with a fork, tapped off the excess, then dropped it into a bowl of gold sprinkles.  I rolled it around, sticking a tooth pick up the center, and pulled it out the same way.
 I let it dry, then repeated with the red "fire" top.  You could add a little something to make it higher, but I was fine with this.
Toss in a trail mix, a bowl of this is sure to set the mood for opening ceremonies.  :O)

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