Fabric Play Tea Bags

Tuesday, March 25, 2014
 I had a bunch of tiny scraps of 20's style fabrics left over from a quilt this summer.  I decided to make little fabric tea bags to go along with a birthday gift I'm currently working on for my niece.  There is a theme.  It involves a book.  No doubt, this won't be the last I write about it, but it is the start.  These were super simple to put together, cheap, and affordable.  I drew out a little template you can download for free here.  Instead of sewing the edges, I used pinking sheers to cut out the template so it just had a fun edge.  I doubled the fabric and put the two back sides facing each other.  I sewed around everything but the top of the tea bag, and 3/4 the way around the little square tabs.
I bought some then rick rack, but any thin ribbon or string would do.  I inserted a small piece (about 4 inches) into the open top of the tea bag, and the 1 open side of the tab.  I then sewed over that so it was attached.  It would be cute to put a little stuffing inside as well, but I was working with the supplies on hand.  If you aren't into sewing, you could also us fabric glue and put these together.  Up next lemons and sugar cubes...

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