Dictionary Necklace

Thursday, April 10, 2014
 This won't be the last you see of this technique, but here's my first go at it....I decided to make these dictionary word necklaces.  I have an old dictionary I've used a lot in the past for various crafts.  My friend got it at a garage sale.  You can find them at used book stores etc....
 I love the old pictures etc.
For necklace number one I found the word love.  You can grab these clear tiles in all shapes and sizes at the craft store in the jewelry section.
 You can also find these diamond glazes-I bought mine from a company at a craft show I was recently at-that website is www.craftfantastic.com.  I don't get anything for telling you that, I just thought you'd like the source....though I'd be glad to have a free bottle or six!
 You dab five dots on the back-you want enough so that when you press down your picture, it covers the whole backside.
 Press it so that you see the words you want displayed.  It shouldn't run as long as it's not an inkjet printing-you could do this with any small picture etc....and I will....believe you me, I will.
 I used a q-tip to wipe off the extra.  Once it dried, I cut the edges (it takes about 10 minutes to dry.
 You could use glue, or jewelry glue dots to attach this to a jewelry tray (also found at the craft store).
I've got plans for these-magnets, jewelry, and gifts, oh my.

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