Easier than Pie Peach Cobbler

Monday, May 26, 2014
 I had some fresh peaches that needed to be used (notice eating them plain apparently wasn't an option).  I tried out a recipe I use a lot with canned fruit, and it turn out it's even more delicious.  I halved the recipe, but....I'll write it as a full recipe.  All you need is a stick of butter, a box of yellow cake mix (white would work too) and 8 peaches (more if you like your cobbler fruity, stick to 8 if you like a lot of crust).
 I washed and peeled my peaches, and then sliced them into small pieces.  I sprayed the pan with some cooking spray, and the covered the bottom with peaches (used a rectangle cake pan).
 Cover the top of the peaches with the cake mix (yes, just the dry mix), then cut up the stick of butter into small little pads and just set these ontop of the cake mix, spread it around.
 Place it in the oven at 350 for about 45 minutes (until browned).  The butter melts and cooks the cake, so it will be golden brown.
Add ice cream, or just dig in with a spoon.  I have it on good authority (my own) this makes a great breakfast as well, I pretend it's OK b/c it used fresh fruit.  Your really can add any fruit to the bottom (apples etc) or add two cans of pie filling, but fresh peaches just about might be my favorite version yet!

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