Redoing a Bathroom-Dollar Style

Tuesday, June 24, 2014
So....the challenge given to me this time at Good Morning, Texas was to revamp a bathroom using stuff almost exclusively from the Dollar General.  I was sent these picture from one of the producers and ownder of the current bathroom.  It's a really small guest bathroom.  I'd never been to the house before and didn't get a chance to see it until after I went shopping and came over with my stuff.  The one thing I could tell was that she likes earth tones in greens and browns.  I decided I'd focus on those colors.
 I also noticed there was zero counter space.
 With nothing on the walls.
 She told me this was a wedding gift, so I went with that as my theme colors.
I had about 10 minutes to walk around and shop after getting these photos before the camera came to film the shopping trip, so I made some quick decisions.  I'll be doing some crafts on the show today with what I found, and they will get an after shot, but here's a sneak peak.  My goal was to use her colors b/c I know she liked them.  I also wanted to repurpose what she had to keep cost down, but add some decorations.
I got some frames-I went with some different browns/golds/bronzes.  I liked the molding on the purple frame, but not the color, so...I sprayed it.
 I keep scrapbook paper/fabric scraps for projects like this....she can eventually replace them with prints she finds, or....just keep the framed green patterned papers.  I did get the P for half off at Hobby Lobby.  I'm all about the initial these days.  I hung it from the middle of the frame with a ribbon scrap.
I got a little lamp-since it's a guest bath-why stumble for the light....and these are so much more inviting than the typical bathroom light.  I added a little flower to the corner to go with the theme, and then I added this shelf.  In my own bathroom I have baskets holding towels and fun doodads, but since I was adding the lamp with no counter space, I found this shelf at Hobby Lobby.  I used a two 'non dollar general' store purchases were just to make the rest work in the space.
The flower is ridiculously easy.  That tutorial is here.
I have a really small bathroom in my house too, and I use the back of the toilet as 'counter space.'  The worst thing (OK...a little drama in that statement) is when you go to the restroom and it's out of toilet paper or soap.  I decided to utilize the back this space to store some of those items.  I also added a candle...I won't elaborate on that,'s always a good idea.  I pulled the old ivy out of the basket she currently had on the toilet to place these items inside.
I actually used an old pickle jar to hold the candle and split peas to fill it with.  I wanted the color.  I've done this before at weddings with this color theme (bride's idea-I just kept it in the back of my mind file for an occasion like this...)
I also found a soap dispenser in the clearance.
She currently had the disposable soap.  To make this more decorative-I found these 'jewels' on clearance b/c one stone was missing the center.  I pulled off the green one and hot glued it to the container with some burlap.  The rest of those stones will find a home some other place in my craft world.
But...again...if you run out of soap-I wrapped up some soaps to throw in that basket 'o guest stuff.  Incidentally, I've done this before with those free hotel soaps-it's kind of fun to have a bunch of different shapes and sizes.  The last thing I want to do at someone's house is ask them where more soap it is...
I'll post the video to facebook later, I've revealed my secrets a few hours early.  :O)  Here are a few shots from my cell'll be interesting to see how the guys were able to film in that small space with a mirror.
 We found this picture in another part of her house.
 The plan is to get a side plug so the plug isn't sticking out of the wall.  The cord was pretty obvious, so I hot glued a cover-there wasn't any time to revamp that anymore, but putting the plug on the side will help.

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