GMT Summer Projects-Rough Draft

Monday, July 28, 2014
 These are the unfinished projects I've since finished that I will be taking with me to GMT tomorrow.  I had foundation work last week, so my house is all packet up, photos off the wall, and a layer of concrete dust is covering my's all downhill from here-which will hopefully include better photos of these projects!.    I'll post the video with the finished projects on facebook tomorrow....assuming I don't blow away.  My guess is we will be outside for this one just because of the sheer size.  The exec. producer saw the idea for making these in magazines and I adapted them to try to make them a little more affordable.  For the canopy I bought a twin size sheet.  You can get flat sheets for five bucks at Walmart-they come in really cute colors/designs, but I decided I wanted to make an ice cream looking canopy.  I bought two sheets, cut them into strips and sewed them back goether.
 To build the canopy I went to Home Depot and bought PCP pipes and these adapters.  I found a 'male' adaptor so three pieces could fit into each corner.  I had someone at Home Depot cut the PCP pipe for me.  It came in 10 foot pieces, so I had them cut it in half, and then one piece in half again so it's five feet long and 2 1/2 foot wide.  It's big enough for two people at a beach....just push it down into the sand or ground.  Make it bigger, or cover it with canvas for a more solid shade.
 I'm just pinning my top on with safety pins so it's easy to pull off.
She also asked me to make this wreath she saw for a patio table.  I took some spanish moss, wire, and a wreath frame for the dollar tree....and a really blurry picture..
 I set the moss on top, then secured it with the wire.
 I took a pipe cleaner to tie on little pots and filled them with plants (I cheated-these are fake plants, only because I was gone all weekend running around, but....they look pretty real.  I added more most to hide any wires and a candle holder to the middle.  I have it on a wicker plate for now, just for travel purposes.
 Last up, I sprayed some wicker plate holders with fun beach colors-again, I do this a lot with wicker.  They are always clearing out old holiday baskets with designs and ugly baskets-I buy them for a few cents and spray them to match what I need them to look like!
I'll post the finished project and video's been hectic around here...

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