New Old Storage Crate

Tuesday, July 29, 2014
 I needed a place to throw the pillows/blankets I've been collecting in my living room.  They look great....right up until the time I have guest over and they don't want 8 pillows behind their back.  I had this unfinished crate I got at a store going out of business....and have since seen at craft stores.
 Then I saw a tutorial for turning this into a vintage looking crate at homedepot.  I cut out about 16 of the steps...and just used some stain my brother left in my garage....that should teach him, and some handles I got at half off from Hobby Lobby.
I rubbed the stain on, partially following the instructions, then nailed the handles onto each side over the holes (the original tutorial has you filling in this part of the wood...uh....I don't think so.  A cute little addition to my living room that dust can gather.  :O)

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