Easy Boutique Style Hair Bow

Thursday, August 14, 2014
 My friend Amber and I were at a boutique last spring, and we were looking through the hair bow selection at one of the vendor's booths.  I'm always struck by the price on those little beauties, so....just to reiterate how simple these are to make yourself...here is the exact version of one of the bows we saw.
They sell elastic in the sewing section, but if you look near the hair accessories at craft stores, you can find this special elastic that is used frequently to make the new 'bumpless' pony tail holders.  It's a little gentler.  You get approximately 3,456 feet of it for about 3 bucks...add a coupon and it's practically free.
I also found this little cluster of flowers, already together on a little felt pad in the jewelry making section.  With my coupon, it was less than two bucks.  I took a piece of scrap felt, some little pearls, and a hot glue gun.
 I cut the elastic to fit a new born babies head (just google dimensions to fit your hair bow wearer's general head size).  I glued the ends to the piece of felt the flowers were already on.  If your flowers aren't on felt, cut a piece out and glue them down.
 It's not necessary, but I covered the two ends with another piece of felt.
I glued some pearls into the middle of each flower just to jazz it up.  For about 6 bucks less than the boutique....I've got my very own boutique style bow.

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