Turning Twenties with 20's Fabric

Wednesday, August 13, 2014
 Here's a bit of show and tell.  I bought these twenties fabrics years ago at a quilt show b/c I love them.  No real reason.  This reasoning, or lack there of, has ruled many of my decisions in the past.  I was talking to my friend, who actually has restraint and a rational thought process and she suggested using these fat quarters to make a quilt using the turning twenties pattern.  So....Here is it....
 It was probably the easiest...and fastest I've ever put a quilt together, so...if you need a fast one, or...you've found yourself in possession you've bought without a real plan in mind....I liked this one.
 My friends and I usually get together once a year to craft at a retreat, and I finished the above quilt so swiftly I was able to put together this other little lap quilt I had bought for a steal at the same quilt show.
 Unfortunately, I bought it to go in my bedroom, which, at the time, had shades of blue and natural wood colors....fast forward a few years in my procrastination and....my room is now shabby chic with whites and dark woods.  Oh well.  Should global warming prove false...I have plenty to keep myself and everyone in the city of Plano warm throughout the winter months.

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