Favor Cakes

Friday, August 01, 2014
My Mom turns sixty this month!  I've got quite a few festivities planned...including a tea with friends.  I'm going with variations of pink for each of the festivities, in this case...pink and black.  I'll post all the details later, but....these are the favors I made using mini cakes for each guest.  Again, once they are all done...more pics, but this was the test run.  
I found a free chalkboard background and downloaded some chalkboard fonts to make this tag.  
 I made these little poppies (which I posted instructions for making last week).
 I added a ribbon and ran the end product through inspections...approval granted.  
 Inside those little containers are baby bundt cakes from Nothing Bundt Cake.  I wish I got something for saying that, but I don't....but regardless....I heard these cakes!  I'm getting several different flavors.
My favorite is the chocolate chocolate chip....should anyone be near a store and want to please my pallet!

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Anonymous said...

You're always so creative! :)