Pinata Packaging

Tuesday, August 05, 2014
 This past spring we threw a baby shower for a friend at work.  More on that subject in a few days.  When we were brainstorming, I suggested putting the hostess gifts (we decided to get 'party dresses' to outfit baby Isabella for her first year) inside a pinata.  Instead of purchasing one at the store, I made one.  It served as a focal point at the guest sign in....and complete the fiesta theme-a fiesta isn't complete until someone cracks open the pinata!
Here is a basic tutorial on how to make these cardboard shaped pinatas.  I cut out two large I shapes, and then made a four inch border I taped onto one I.  I filled the pinata with all the outfits...
 I placed the second I over the top and taped it shut.
 I covered it with ruffled tissue to match the shower colors, and then....breaking the pinata for all the goodies....

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