2x4 Black Cats

Friday, October 10, 2014
 I saw these little guys over the summer via cloverhouse and decided to give it a go.  I made on change....google eyes were replaced with painted eyes.
I took a 2x4 and cut a bunch of rectangles, and then I sliced them into a via with a saw.  You can use a hand saw....but it may take awhile, or you can use a jig saw.  And when I say 'you'....I mean...my brother.  I've used a jigsaw many times....but it's so much easier to dictate than to 'do.'
 OK...here is something else-save that pokey piece....I've got another craft planned for that in a few weeks....no waste on these guys!
I bought some cheap 50 cent paint and painted my cat shape (I (had my brother) cut out all different sizes).
I sanded the edges to give them a little bit more of a vintage look.  Then I used these little round brushes to dab eyes.  I let the white dry and then went black with the smaller size for the pupil.  I'm keeping these simple....b/c they have some friends joining them soon.  


Linda said...

Looks GREAT!!! This would be a GREAT craft for my two year old grand quads!!

Anonymous said...