Bat Shirt

Thursday, October 09, 2014
 I saw the idea for making bat shirts using simply a black shirt and some bleach via Chaosser and I had to try it out for some of the little ones in my life.
I cut some bat shapes out of freezer paper.  You can freehand it, or search for free bat shapes-there are about a million varieties.
Take the shiny side of the paper, face that down towards the shirt, and iron of it, somehow this makes the paper stick to fabric
I put a plastic bag between the top and bottom of the shirt so the bleach wouldn't bleed through.
I also placed a section of the newspaper I had cut a big oval out of over the bats so it was a moon shape (per the instructions).
I took a bottle of bleach and squirt it over the bats.  It turned orange almost instantly, so as soon as I was done, I took it inside and rinsed out the bleach in my sink.  So easy!

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Anonymous said...

Blythe will be amazed one day when she learns how many of your crafts she's inspired! :)