Washi Tape Halloween

Monday, October 06, 2014
I have survived the month of September....barely.  2 showers, three birthday parties, back to school, illness, no voice, retreats, and bootcamp-gladiator style.  It's now back to Good Morning, Texas.  I'll post the clip from today's shower on my facebook page later, but in the meantime...here is a sneak peak at today's crafts.  I have three more scheduled for October with lots more Halloween and fall crafts on the way.  Today was all about washi tape.  I was asked to put together a pumpkin and a few other projects using the tape.  
 You may have seen it/used it/slept with it under your pillow. I do love it-and just in case you are wondering-nobody is paying me to say that, nor do I get any money from any store I even mention on air...just in case you were wondering-I always wondered.  I use a lot of ribbon and have to put double sided tape on the back...this takes the place of ribbon in my scrapbooking, is a lot cheaper, and comes with it's own 'sticky stuff' stuck on, so....it saves time.   They sell this at any craft store (even found a bunch for a dollar at JoAnne's and two packs for 2 dollars at Hobby Lobby (on sale)).  I also found it at Target and Walmart.It's sometimes called 'decorative' tape.  It's not as thick as tape, it's more of a paper....that's sticky.  There are about 123,456 things you can do with it, so....here are three.
Above-you can use it instead of drink tags.  No more charms...or trying to remember which charm is yours.  It sticks really well (I went to a retreat this past weekend and it even stuck through dish washing).  On the other end...it pulls off with no mess.  Magic!
Below is a pumpkin....
I wrapped some stripes around it with the washi tape, added some rhinestones (already with 'sticky stuff on them as well)!  And then..a bow.  Everything is better with a bow.  If my electricity company would send the bill with a bow I'm sure it would go down easier.
Last up....I send a lot of cards for the holidays.  I feel like I need to go get a loan or something everything I go to buy a card.  I saw this cute idea here.  There are a ton of different variations, but....three stripes, not quite even (I didn't want it to be even).  I drew a face with a permanent marker and then stamped on a message (found the stamp at JoAnne's for a buck too).  OK....that about covers all I have time for....but every time I start playing with something new I get a little obsessed, so I'm sure this won't be the last time you see the word 'washi' on my blog.  

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