Gingerbread House Cookie Decorating Kit

Tuesday, November 25, 2014
 I saw the idea for making decorative sugar cookies at beeintheirbonnet, where I got the free kit card printable.  I have a friend that loves a sugar cookie recipe make a lot (again, a recipe from another friend-where all the best recipes come from).  Here is that recipe for the cookies and icings.  I found a little house cookie cutter via Wilton.
 I used the little plastic organizers in the jewelry section of craft stores to fill with misc. candies for decorating.
 I added a bottle of icing and cookies.  You could add several colors of icing, but....I figured my friend and her grandkids would get a kick out of this...
 I found this little gingerbread house box to put it all in (at a craft fair).  Much easier than the traditional means of trying to keep those walls up with lines of royal icing.

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