Reindeer Gift Pack

Wednesday, December 03, 2014
 I have been super obsessed with themed Christmas gifts for my friend's kiddos.  I mail them out, and with so many aunts and uncles present on Christmas day, I've been sending packages the kids can open in advance to enjoy throughout the holidays.  A few years ago I did the twelve days of Christmas, which was a hit.  Last year I did themes like the above gift-reindeers.  I included shirts, a few of my favorite books, movies, and lots of goodies like blinking noses, reindeer food, antlers, and make your own nose.
 I made reindeer food a few years ago and blogged about it here.  I found a free printable on Amanda's blog when I made it this year.
I blogged about the shirt and reindeer nose with free printables/sources etc a few days ago.
I've already mailed off this year's themed gifts I'll blog about in the future.  It may be more fun for me as the giver than the gift-ed.  

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