Friday, January 23, 2015

Ballet Shower

 Last fall my friends and I hosted a shower at work for my friend Amber.  She was a dancer growing up and was planning to use her toe shoes and tutu as part of her nursery decor, so I took that idea and ran with it.
 I made a little sign that said twinkle toes, and we had everyone sign a book.  They had decided to name their littler girl, Charlotte, so we got Charlotte's Web.  It seemed appropriate since this was her work shower to give her something a little educational to remember us by through the years....not that I'm not planning to be around for those years!
 I found this little sign about the definition for a girl on etsy.  One of the other host had a sister in law that teaches dance and she let use borrow all these hair pieces from various recitals, old toe shoes, tutus etc.
 I have a bunch of pink feathers/tulle, ribbon etc I threw around.
 I made this little tulle wreath to welcome Charlotte.
 We decided for munchies to hold a yogurt bar with fun toppings.
 It pays to work with teachers in events like this b/c you know someone is going to have some spectacular handwriting-in this case, Courtney.
 I folded some little 'ballet shoes' out of paper to decorate the jars.
 We served cupcakes and punch as well.
 One of the other gals, Katie, wrote the names of various dance positions and we put them on little flags and stuck them in the cupcakes.
 I found these little ballet slipper socks online via mudpie, and this little bodysuit with a ruffle all the way around....her first little tutu!
 For favors, we bought these containers of cotton candy (at Sam's) and called it tutu fluff.
 I printed off mini 'girl' definitions and  we put them on top...with more tulle.
 For a gift from the hostesses we got a bank (Amber also likes owls...I later found a pig with a tutu, but already had this one...).  We filled it with cash to help Charlotte pay for her first ballet class....or whatever mom and dad deem important as she grows.


Solange Honorato said...

Linda decoração! Muito delicado e cute! Lembrei de um kit bailarina que fiz.Bjs!